Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So What's New With You?

So, What’s New With You? (Wendy Kinney Blog Series -Part I)

People we haven’t seen in six days or six months routinely ask the profitable question: “So, what’s new with you?”

The common response is a bland, “Oh, not much.”

The profitable reply is a jazzy explanation of the part of your business that is the most profitable, including a SuperWoman story (with you wearing the cape) showing how you created great results for one of your favorite (read ‘profitable’) clients.

The SuperWoman Story has three parts:

Problem—describe the problem your client had before they found you.

“This week I worked with a printer who was frustrated with the level of information he gets from the standard reports in Quickbooks.”

Action—tell what you did. The more specific you are the more likely the person you’re talking to will think of someone who needs you.

“In two hours, less than $200, I showed him how Quickbooks data can be exported to Excel and used in a pivot table to create totally customized reports.”

Result—wrap up with your client’s situation now.

“He said the report we created saved him from a $20,000 mistake. Then he thought of four other reports that will make him money every month.”

That’s the good news. Even better is the knowledge that you can prompt a “So, what’s new with you?” by asking other people the question first. Odds are that after their standard reply they’ll toss the same script back.

You could make some money.
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