Monday, March 23, 2009

How To End A Conversation By Beginning A Network

There are two tough times in every conversation—the beginning and the end.

Consider the ubiquitous close “We’ll have to get together soon.”
When you hear it, don’t you think “Oh yeah, right, I’ll be waiting by the phone?”

It only takes two changes to convert that brush off into a new
networking partner: say what and say when. What is a reason for meeting again; when is a time frame.

Try one of these five potential reasons the next time you have
the opportunity to close a conversation:

Invite them to visit another association with you: Bringing a guest is a valuable way to participate in every organization.

Send a resource by email: No matter how many times they repeat the address you recite, by the time they get back to their desk it’s forgotten.

Sleuth out a reason to send something by mail: Hand address the envelope. Personal touch makes you memorable.

Call with details: Ah, a reason to get back in touch and a reason to move on now.

Set up a 4-way lunch: Tell who you would like to introduce them to, and invite them to bring someone to introduce to you.

So go end a few conversations. That’s the surefire way to build your net worth.

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