Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year Makeover for Your Money

We all do it, make New Year's resolutions to get in shape and better our physical health but do we ever think to get our Financial Health in shape as well. I read a blog recently by Forbes Magazine that made me realize, our wallets and bank statements could also use a little "boot camp" to get in shape for the New Year!

So this year I vow to work on the relationship with my money from an angle that I've never explored before. The article examines how we descibe our money's "job title" in our life. For example...

Is you money your own "Personal Stylist"- to make you look good, or to feel valuable, powerful, or lovable. Motto: “Without me, you’d be nothing.”

...or does your money hold the title of "Genie"- to grant your wishes and fund your dreams. Motto: “Your wish is my command.”

What does your money do for you? Check out Forbe's "A New Year Make Over for Your Money" to learn how to re-negociate the contract between you and your money!

So here it you, year, new you, new financial health!!! Go get fit!!
ForbesWomen- Money Wise Women Blog
Posted by Debbie Lacy

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