Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time to Get Organized

I am constantly telling co-workers, "I am going to clean my cube today." And shamelessly…I just move a few stacks of papers around and leave at the end of the a busy work day knowing that my space will be a "mess" to greet me the next morning. With the new year only a little less than 2 months away and the promise that of "doing better" next year always a resolution, I never seem to rid myself of "piles" on my desk (or on my kitchen counter, in my car and laundry room floor.)

December's GLOW features Monica Ricci, professional organizer with Catalyst Organizing. She will be helping the GLOWING women of Gwinnett by giving her talk on "Striking a Balance: Powerful Life Management for the Stressed & Overwhelmed." A perfect topic for the most hectic…excuse me, I mean wonderful…time of the year!

Check out Monica's blog article on Why Piles Aren't So Bad After All

Rachel Jeffers (Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Programs & Events Manager)

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