Monday, April 6, 2009

Networking With The Competition At Your Elbow

What are the odds, at any networking event, that there is someone else in the room who does what you do? Pretty good? Here are three techniques that maximize your promotion impact:

TALK ABOUT SOMETHING DIFFERENT: It’s easier to do this if you let the competition speak first. Then, if they talked about personal clients, you focus on businesses; if they covered first time buyers, you focus on experienced clients; if they talk about the sky, you stay on the ground. The don’t: never, never, never say “I do what she said.”

TALK ABOUT SOMETHING SPECIFIC: Fear makes us try to cover everything that we do. Reality, though, is that specific is always more profitable than general. So if the competition answers the “what do you do” question with a pigeon-hole, (I’m a Realtor), or a fog, (I help clients maximize their potential so that in circumstances where the situation…), you become valuable, and memorable, because you are understandable. You win.

INCLUDE THE COMPETITION: At a non-exclusive networking event I listened to Bill Reifsnider promote “a great client for Sindy or me.” Bill did this so comfortably, so confidently, that I thought they were in business together. A month later that I learned that Sindy didn’t know Bill – they are, in fact, competitors. I’m impressed with Bill.

The difference between confidence and arrogance is comparison. It is always appropriate to be confident. Don’t compare. Stand apart confidently.

Ready . . . Set . . . Go Make Money! That’s Wendy Kinney’s methodology, honed from 16 years of living and breathing referral marketing. For information on how to make networking profitable, visit or call Wendy at 404-784-0699.

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