Friday, September 19, 2008

The Chic Entrepreneur

Elizabeth Gordon the author of "The Chic Entrepreneur: Put Your Business in Higher Heels" will be our speaker for the October 17th GLOW meeting.

The very first sentence of Elizabeth's book says "Any woman can be an entrepreneur . . . However, if you want to be a Chic Entrepreneur . . ." I couldn't wait to hear what she had to say because when I first saw the book my very first thought was "Exactly what is a Chic Entrepreneur?"

Elizabeth goes on to define qualities, actions and other characteristics that make a Chic Entrepreneur . . . . well, Chic.

I have met hundreds of women in Gwinnett and the surrounding areas each with different businesses and different roles within their businesses. As varied as the women who live, work and play here are, I know that the answer to the question "What defines a Chic Entrepreneur?" will be just as diverse.

So with all of that being said, I want all of you to go to town on this one -- tell me what you think makes a Chic Entrepreneur chic. Make sure to check this blog regularly to read the view points of your peers and pick up Elizabeth's book to read what she has to say!!!

I'll be the first to make a quick comment . . . a Chic Entrepreneur is one that I'll see at GLOW's October 17th meeting. Visit to register. See you soon!


TheLaw26 said...
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csnell23 said...

“The woman who is chic is always a little different. Not different in being behind fashion, but always slightly apart from it.” – Emily Post

I am going to pull from a quote from Emily Post, who might just be defined as a chic entrepreneur by today’s standards. A chic entrepreneur is a woman who runs her business a little differently from the rest. For your business to succeed, your product or service must differentiate from the competition. It must offer the customer a creative solution to their problem that is more effective over the competitor’s.

A chic entrepreneur, with her seamless elegance, is able to set her product or service apart from all of the other players in the marketplace. Her own unique style perpetuates throughout the business, helping to further differentiate her business from the competition. Whether it is through the actual product or service or the way she brings together the labor force, capital, and production material, the unique operating style of the chic entrepreneur sets her business apart thus propelling her business towards success.

stephanie said...

We all need to check our "chic-ness" on a regular basis! If our chic-ness is measurable at all, it is a power that fills a room when she arrives, and has something to offer those present in the room. It's not really as much about her, in my opinion, as it is about her relationship with others in her sphere of influence. It is a physical expression, as well as a healthy emotional charisma, and includes a spiritually fulfilled life that visibly increases her confidence and hope.

LaFavor Etc said...

hi Ladies,

wasn't this morning great!!!!!!!!!!!

ladies let's wish Nicole a speedy recovery

I am glad to learn we will be getting together more often I felt as always the love in the room this morning

I enjoyed identifying what type of shoe I am

thanks Elizabeth you gave a great presentation I will be modifying my mind set to adapt to my new clients (with your info I know I'm about to increase my client base)

ladies if you enjoyed today's GLOW blog

Nicole, get well soon you are in my thoughts and prays

Ann LaFavor

Robbi said...

Whenever I think of what it takes to be chic, I recall something I read that explained what made French women so chic...their confidence. Whether it's the little old lady in her purple dress and red hat or a college student in jeans, chic is an attitude. When we apply that attitude of confidence to our business lives, we open the door for wonderful things to happen!