Monday, August 11, 2008


Welcome to Glow's own personal Blog! I am excited that you have taken an interest in this amazing program.

Glow is a program created by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce for the women in our community. At Glow events, business women are able to network and connect with one another as well as grow personally and professionally from the various topics covered at our quarterly seminars.

Our very first event will be on August 15th from 7:45am-9:15am at the Parc at Duluth. The topic will be "Financial Management: An Investment to Match Each Purse" presented by president and CEO Emily Sanders of Sanders Financial Management.

This blog, in particular, will contain articles about events in the news that affect us as business women, upcoming events in the community that you just don't want to miss and so much more!

For more information about GLOW please view our main website at or you can contact me at

I can't wait to see you at our next event where you'll learn, laugh, network & leave glowing --See you soon!


ann said...

I attended today's event and truly left glowing. The speaker touched me with sharing her private life story, the bad and good.

I am excite about what Nicole told us we could look forward to with "GLOW". You could feel the love and camaraderie throughout the room.

This is an organization every woman in the chamber should be active in.

Ann LaFavor

Joyce Harold said...

I was referred to GLOW by Ann LaFavor. I was so touched by what she had to say about how impressed she was with the “Kick-Off” meeting; I immediately registered to attend the upcoming session in October. Forums like these are an excellent way to for women to connect and grow both personally and professionally. Hats off to the organizers for this wonderful opportunity which allows women to “Pay it Forward.”

Anonymous said...

Ann LaFavor referred me to GLOW. She had so much enthusiasim about the kick off that I can't wait until the next event so I can attend. I am looking forward to participated in this well needed forum.

Leslie Hills

Iris said...

I must say I ffel the same way ann does. I felt inspired by the speaker and touched by some of the experinces she shared that so many of us have also endured.

As a business owner I felt like I had some one who understood the sacrafices and the joys of being committed to your dream.

I have recommeded this event to several women I met with at the United way Women's Legacy event.

You guys will definetly see me in the October meeting.

And a personal Thank you to Ann Lafavor, Leslie & Sue for all of they're help in the BIG Expo event

LaFavor Etc said...

Hi Ladies,

The Big Expo is behind us. I was so proud of the female companies and women run businesses. This was the first time for Iris with Edible Arrangements (Mall of GA) and Shupan Abraham of Cakes by Shupan.

Please take the time to reach out to them, they did a great job and represented us well.

Rebecca Edwards and Staci with Gibraltar Executive Suites are new to the chamber and this was their first expo.

Ladies let make a point this week to call them just to say hi and to let them know how proud we are of them.

Ann LaFavor

Julie King said...

I attended the "GLOW" presentation and found Emily Sanders to be an engaging speaker with information every woman needs to know.

Her story was both heartfelt and inspiring!

It's exciting to see the return of a women’s series at the chamber and I look forward to attending the upcoming events.